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Quick Start Guide

Your complete guide to setting up your Vodiac VR headset.

Frequently asked questions

We recommend children should be 7+ years to use the VR/AR Headset, and only under adult supervision. Vodiac VR videos can be experienced in Phone Mode (non-VR) by simply using your smartphones screen.

If you experience nausea, discomfort, eye strain or disorientation, discontinue using the VR Headset immediately. If you have had or could be prone to seizures, consult a doctor before using the VR Headset.

There are no restrictions to using your smartphone which drives the VR headset from using any other 3rd party VR applications.

You will see simple instructions. These will help you get the best experience from your VR Headset and the Vodiac VR app.

Watch out for the small circle in the screen look at this focusing your eyes on this circle. The circle will start to fill-in and when it completes the VR video will start.

Please make sure the plastic protective coverings have been removed from the headset lenses.

Additionally please make sure the phone is placed in the middle of the front compartment. Finally, you can adjust the two optical axis buttons on the top of the headset to make certain the image is focused clearly.

Please see the instructions on the box in which your VR Headset arrived.

Please let us know what smartphone you are using and also if there are other smartphones that are available for you to use.

Using our headset with other VR apps should be fine, however as it is untested by Vodiac we cannot give advice on this.

We recommend children should be 7+ years to wear the Vodiac VR headset. Vodiac VR can be experienced in non-VR mode by simply using your smartphone's screen.

Many people who wear glasses find that they don’t need them while using the VR Headset. The lenses can be adjusted using the optical axis buttons on the top of the headsets to provide a clear image.

If you do still need to wear your glasses, the Vodiac VR headset can accommodate most frames with a comfortable fit. If you have large-framed glasses, you may not be able to wear them with the VR headset.

You can clean your VR Headset with an antibacterial wet wipe and let it dry before you use it again.